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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  January 15, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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shooting victim arrested. in a bizarre twist, one of the people wounded in the case in tucson is taken into police custody.
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a vigil, celebrating the life of a local teenager gone to sen. and a beloved pc institution closes its doors for the last time. -- and a beloved d.c. institution closes its doors for the last time. stunning developments in tucson, arizona. one of the shooting victims was arrested. the happened during the taping of an abc news special. now the victim, when to buy the gun man, may be facing charges tonight. sheriff's deputies made an unlikely arrest, taking one of the shooting victims into custody. witnesses say the 63-year-old man threatened the life of a tucson tea party founder a taping of an abc news special.
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father allegedly took a picture of humphrey's and said, you are dead. >> this is my genocide school. >> law clerk had a video with rambling commentary. -- the gun man cut off their had a video with rambling commentary. >> his state of mind is completely separated from reality. >> gabrielle giffords is still in critical condition, but she made progress today. doctors took her off a ventilator. outside the hospital, visitors streamed to the scene to visit the growing tribute to the injured lawmaker. watch that special edition of the show right here on abc 7, focusing on the tragedy in tucson. tune in tomorrow at 10:00.
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breaking news from prince george's county, where a fatal accident unfold it. two vehicles hit a pedestrian and a delphi. the first vehicle that had the pedestrian drove away, but second car stayed at the scene. the police have not released the man's identity. hundreds gathered to celebrate the life of an 18- ruled girl who died suddenly. she was found dead in her princeton university dorm room thursday of natural causes. she had been suffering from a mysterious illness that involved seizures. it tonight, a vigil was held in vienna, and that is where john gonzalez joins us. >> she spent her time inside hospitals, but her doctors could not figure out what was wrong. tonight, and emotional vigil, but it was surprising how many
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times loved ones laughed. they say that is exactly what she made them do. hundreds of candles, millions of memories, she is being remembered as a spunky, humorous teenager with a competitive spirit and on waivered warm heart. >> she left the world it at the best time of her life, happy. >> tears, overwhelmed by smiles and laughter as one funny story was told. the hundreds of friends and relatives can only explain her untimely death was a short legacy with an endless impression. >> we really wanted to celebrate what she did. >> she was a recent graduate at madison high school in vienna, a tremendously talented softball player despite mysterious teachers and memory loss. >> she is somebody i always looked up to, a very good
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season, very positive. >> last spring she was cleared to play athletics after a bout of seizures from what doctors determined was an unknown brain virus. >> she loved you all. >> she was excited to be a freshman at princeton university. at the campus police found her unresponsive in her dorm room earlier this week. a fellow student called authorities to report something wrong. >> great student, great athlete, well-rounded person. >> she was also known as a fighter. because of her memory loss, she had to leave school for a while but she came back and graduated on time. it was her sense of humor that caught everyone's attention. one friend said she wore to wristwatches to school, one for fashion, the other for function. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. an investigation is underway and how man's body ended up on
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the tracks of the farragut north metro station. he was pronounced dead at the scene. richard reeve has more on this story. >> the police are not saying much about this. the body was discovered at noon. the station was closed about two hours. how and why this person and it up on the tracks is a mystery tonight. the farragut north station, back in service saturday night. >> make sure i keep my distance. >> people are talking about metro platform safety. >> there is a lot of shoving and pushing. it people don't want to wait. >> all of this concern follows the discovery of a 63-year-old man's tracks on the bodies. -- on the tracks. >> that is awful. >> investigators will not say if
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he fell from the platform or if he was dead or alive when he was struck by the train at noon on saturday. for two hours, authorities sealed off the station. people found themselves at a standstill with half hour delays. >> it was frustrating, but i am sorry to hear about that. >> a cautionary tale, one person dead, people extra careful. >> take your time, don't push for shows. >> the police have yet to identify the man who was struck. it is not clear if he felt morphy was walking on the tracks -- it is not clear if he fell when he was struck or if he was walking on the tracks. richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> this happened during a busy weekend for metro. the foggy bottom station is close to improve tracks, elevators, escalators, and cell phone service.
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free shuttle buses will run between the stations. normal service is expected to resume tuesday. a special remembrance to honor the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. atoosimultaneously bring their bells. this is the 10th year that church bells have rung around the city to honor the slain civil-rights leader. monday marks the federal holiday honoring dr. king's birth. a new miss america was crown just a short time ago. >> your miss america 2011 is -- ms. nebraska! >> she is just 17 years old. besides winning the crown, sheet has also won a $50,000 scholarship.
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this year's miss america contest marked an important milestone. it was the 90th year for the beauty pageant. a cold front may be moving in, and that could be bringing in changes. steve rudin has more. >> the cold front on the way, moving across the forecast area. clouds gradually decrease during the overnight. temperatures and the belfort furniture weather center, 39 get this bird, 37 cumberland. -- 39 gaithersburg, 37 cumberland. the clouds breaking up across western maryland. we had snow flurries earlier this evening, but their fizzling out. partly cloudy, cold overnight, 24-32. the wind out of the northwest at 5-10. what can we expect for the week ahead? details in my forecast in a few minutes. coming up, a favorite
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watering hole of d.c. power elite for decades, and in just a few hours it will be closing for good. which bar will be getting its final last call. a reagan family feud? controversy over a new book by the son of president ronald reagan. and the better match between the
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you get a network that's light-years ahead of anything else. verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. a desperate situation in brazil as thousands of survivors from this week's mudslide are struggling to get food, water, and madison -- medicine. nearly six other people have died in areas north of rio de janeiro -- nearly 600 people have died. two american soldiers are dead after being shot by an iraqi soldier during a training exercise this morning at an american base in the north. authorities say the iraqi soldier smuggled real bullets into the exercise which was not
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meant to involve live ammunition. u.s. military officials are releasing few details, but one iraqi officer said the shooting appears to have been planned. american forces immediately kill the iraqi shooter. a family feud is brewing between the sons of former president ronald reagan. one has called the other an embarrassment for speculating that their father was in the beginning stages of alzheimer's disease when he was president. ron reagan jr. gave an exclusive interview to abc news yesterday. he said he noticed changes in his father's behavior and encouraged him not to run a second term. >> it was nothing obvious, but when you know somebody that well, you are attuned to any hitch in their gatti up. it -- giddy-up.
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>> michael reagan thinks his brother is only trying to sell books. the doctors who treated president reagan during his two terms in office did not see any signs it was debilitated and anyway. final call at a legendary bar in the district. the town and country launch is closing its doors tonight. it is located in the mayflower hotel in northwest. it first opened more than 60 years ago and its patrons have included presidents and senators, lobbyists and journalists. >> it felt comfortable, like an old shoe, from the first time i came in here. >> they took very good care of me and it is sad. >> that bartender is legendary in his own right. he has entertained guests with his magic tricks. the mayflower is undergoing renovations and plans to open another bar in a different part of the hotel.
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at a clothing store will take over the town and country space- bar. tomorrow, we will debut a new show on abc 7, "washington business." rebecca cooper anchors the show. it is on right after gordon peterson's "inside washington." are fleury still in the forecast? >> we had a few flurries, but they are gone. cold air tomorrow, and the skies will be brighter. we welcome the sunshine. on the weatherbug, this is high atop the tower in rosslyn, looking at the skies. clouds breaking up nicely. the high-temperature today, above average, 46 degrees at reagan national. normally the high as around 42. record low temperature, long standing, four degrees. 43 the airport right now, clouds
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breaking apart, the wind changing direction. the wind chill factor of just about 37. the weatherbug, a wisp ski resort, 26 degrees in garrett county. 40 degrees rehoboth beach after a high of 44. wtop radio, upper northwest, 39, the wind changing direction and increasing. 39 gaithersburg, of frederick 39. fredericksburg 43. the cold air, the really cold there, off to the northwest. michigan, three degrees, really cold stuff across minnesota. it international falls, nine degrees below zero. some of this colder air will of initially make its way our way. we will have daytime highs only the upper 20's, evening lows in the single digits.
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the high pressure builds across the area tomorrow, a cold front pushing through taking with it the snow flurries. no accumulations. now the focus is on the next door system as it moves off towards the east the next 24 hours. clouds increase monday, i monday night the potential of a little winter mix, including freezing rain and sleet. the good news is enough warm air pushes and from the south, allowing everything to change over to rain by tuesday. a partly cloudy and cold overnight, 24-32, the wind out of the northwest at 5-10. tomorrow, lots of sunshine, 35- 40, cooler than today. the extended outlook, temperatures holding in the 30's, mid 30's on martin luther king day on monday, winter mix in the evening tuesday. all rain tuesday, colder at the end of the week.
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quite a few degrees cooler in the western suburbs and the mountains friday and saturday. >> tuesday is as good as it gets? >> tuesday is fairly were brought in. am i am looking at the temperature. i
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hearts, flowers, and it is likely tattooed on someone. they're so popular that have flaunted conventions. there is a convention being held in crystal city. dozens of artists have set up and they are attracting quite a number of customers. the latest trend? big tattoos on torsos. >> we much prefer that as opposed to the old days. >> artists have competing --
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have been competing in contests and vendors promoting their products. conventions wrap up tomorrow. >> steelers fans are like red sox fans. they are everywhere. we will talk about the steelers coming up in sports. could they win at home? and after this weird plate in the ravens-steelers playoff and after this weird plate in the ravens-steelers playoff game, could the
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. . the washington wizards can win at home but not on the road. at home tonight against the toronto raptors. it on the inbounds pass, young had 18 on the night. miki right there, slams at home. at night and the game, the wizards by 4. the turn around and fade, nothing but net. the wizards win. nfl playoffs, what a war between pittsburgh and baltimore.
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everything everybody expected. look out, here comes suggs, charged the ball loose. everybody stops because they think it is incomplete. finally, somebody picks up the ball and walks into the end zone, it is a touchdown. third quarter, over the middle, we are tied. both teams add a field goal. couple minutes to play, we are tied, and somehow brown gets behind the defender. out of bounds inside the five. a couple plays later, but touchdown. at the steelers' hold on, they win, 31-24. the nfc game, the falcons' lead the packers. second quarter, the kickoff, he goes. 102 yards, a touchdown. that was the highlight for the
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falcons. green bay turned up the heat from there. toughie thing. tough evening. the packers advanced by blasting the falcons, 48-21. big test today for gary williams and the terrapins, against villanova. at the terps had the way most of the game. jordan williams was unstoppable. the terps by 12. nova came back. cleans up the mess, and he scores. the wildcats built up. nova by five, a couple minutes to play, maryland rebounds, that is good. the terps within two. the three, novo wears out
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maryland, 74-66. virginia taking on duke. second quarter, duke kicks into high gear. that is a long 3, that is good . dukewins. -- duke wins. georgetown desperately needs a victory in the big east. chris wright, count all three of those. the hoyas kept the pressure on. austin freeman, a good game, good look, beyond the arc, 25 on the day, georgetown wins, 74-65. the capitals back in action tomorrow, trying to get back into the win column, taking on ottawa at 3:00 at the verizon center. wear something read tomorrow.
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hear something you did not see every day, a squirrel on water skis. this is at the kansas city but boat show. clearly having a lot of fun and entertaining the crowd. sporting a patriotic flag. why wouldn't you if your a squirrel? >> well, ok. the extended outlook, 38 degrees, a high tomorrow. lots of sunshine, but it will not feel a lot better, 35 monday, increasing clouds late in the day. winter remix monday night. the coldest air of the season towards the end of the week. go to for the latest
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forecast, and probably even check up on this coral. don't pet the squirrels. >> thank you for joining us. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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